Pallet Flow Rack and Drive-In Rack is a valuable solution for industrial storage

July 18, 2022
Material Handling

Drive-In Rack for industrial storage can be constructive. To understand this, let's look at a few things. First, let's rethink what a palette is. Then check again how they are moved and work in the warehouse. Once that's done, it's a good point to show the main problems caused by not using these solutions. As we get closer, we will look at these systems’ benefits. Pallet Flow Rack covers everything in more detail, including load, accessibility, and the effectiveness of these systems in maximizing space utilization.

As readers considering these solutions, we need to remind them of what the palette is to let them know that we will store it in large quantities. Believe it or not, some people have a warehouse and don't know. A pallet is a small square wooden base that wraps for stacking and storing products. DISTRIBUTION X provides palettes for storage equipment. Since the center of the pallet is hollow, it can be moved by various machines.

Drive-In Rack

Various types of pallet racks and their configurations

Drive In Racking and drive-through" systems, compact mobile systems, pallet flow systems, and pushback systems are other rack systems available on the market. Each comes with its features and accessories. Densities vary from very high to low for each design.

Drive-through or drive-in rack: These are structures designed to support high-density storage. The Drive-Thru Rack or drive-in rack is made of steel, and ample space between the bays or stack lanes allows the forklift to move.


The drive in racking system has only one inlet and one exit. On the other hand, the drive-through rack structure can be accessed from both sides. For example, items in a drive-in palette rack are stored on a last-in, first-out basis. This is usually abbreviated as LIFO. Therefore, low turnover, non-perishable items may not be accessed frequently and should be stored in a drive-in rack system. On the other hand, drive thru racking systems follow FIFO or first-in, first-out methods. Both of these rack systems work for floor-to-ceiling structures.

Pallet Flow Rack

These types of storage units usually provide the convenience of giving easy access. The rows are designed and spaced to make it difficult for forklift operators to reach the areas they need to access. If the team is tall, the forklift driver can create a ramp to drive the bus and get what is required.

In many cases, these systems will achieve the highest possible space utilization. Having a warehouse around is a significant advantage. Many pallets are stored in tiny spaces in very tall units. This frees up a great deal of ground space. That makes it very easy to clean the floor of the building.

Now you can understand that Pallet Flow Racking solutions for industrial storage can be helpful in various ways. You can see that the floor area around the warehouse will increase significantly. You may also find it easy to notice that you can store many products in a tiny space. Don't be surprised that these solutions are very affordable.

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