Pallet flow and Drive-In racking valuable solutions for industrial storage

July 20, 2022
Material Handling

Drive-In Rack is a structure designed to store pallets accessible by forklifts and use ties, rails, and upright frames to allow vehicles to travel down the island to deliver the products they need. Once you find the product you need, the islands will place a forklift to give you enough space to lift it to the height of the pallet, from which you can lift and lower the pallet containing the product you need.

Purpose of pallet flow racks

Pallet Flow Racking solutions for industrial storage can be constructive. To understand this, let's look at a few things. First, let's rethink what a palette is. Then check again how they are moved and work in the warehouse. Once that's done, it's a good point to show the main problems caused by not using these solutions. As we get closer, we will look at these systems’ benefits. Pallet Flow Rack covers everything in more detail, including load, accessibility, and the effectiveness of these systems in maximizing space utilization.

As readers considering these solutions, we need to remind them of what the palette is to let them know that we will store it in large quantities. Believe it or not, some people have a warehouse and don't know. A pallet is a small square wooden base that wraps for stacking and storing products. Some companies paint palettes for identification. Since the center of the pallet is hollow, it can be moved by various machines.

Pallet Flow Racking

Technology Used

Some machines specialize in moving pallets in a warehouse environment. The first is a forklift. These are usually only used when the pallets are placed on the ground. It's easy to see how this can help your racking solution. The pallet jack moves the pallet to ground level. With wheels, you can easily drag the palette around the spot.

This is where you begin understanding how Drive In Racking for industrial storage can help. Before them, the warehouse was usually very crowded. The pallets were dumped to the ground level before the rack and shelf solutions. Space was usually exhausted quickly as this was the only level to store them.

You may be wondering what these types of storage solutions are. DISTRIBUTION X provides a solution for arranging warehouse walls one after another or on large shelves or racks. They are designed to support the weight of the pallet. Large volumes of pallets can be stored as the volume load can be very high. Usually, the heaviest possible load weight is supported.

Drive-In Rack


Now you can understand that drive thru racking for industrial storage can be helpful in various ways. You can see that the floor area around the warehouse will increase significantly. You may also find it easy to notice that you can store many products in a tiny space. Don't be surprised that these solutions are very affordable.

Drive-Thru Rack systems have entry points on both ends, which is different from drive-in systems. Two entry points in the drive-through rack system allow you to follow the FIFO storage pattern. In this system, the material is loaded from one side and extruded from the other side.

drive in racking system is ideal for all megaunits requiring a high-density stand that can store content at multiple levels. Some companies need a pickup module to stand for inventory. Here, the pallet flow stand provides the best solution.

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